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Turning researchers into purchasers

How to stop researchers using your site as a steppingstone to Amazon and competing online stores

Download this eBook for access to our new research revealing where brands are losing up to 50% of researchers to Amazon and competitors.

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New research reveals what causes consumers to abandon one brand for another when shopping online.

With the average ecommerce conversion rate of about 1.5% to 2%, the widely held belief and status quo is that the 98% on your site who did not buy are lost sales. We decided to question that status quo with a simple objective of wanting to help brands see the researchers amongst the 98%.

That is why we set out to research this problem – to identify and quantity those who are on your site ready to buy, who don’t because they lack the confidence to. In short, turning researchers into purchasers.

The research, which included insight from 2000 consumers, unveils:
  • The different behaviours shoppers exhibit when looking for products.
  • How often they spend casually browsing online stores.
  • How many different sites they compare when scouring for specific products.
  • Where they end up purchasing items and why.

Download this eBook for access to the results and valuable insight about how you can turn researchers into purchasers by giving them the confidence to buy – and buy from you.

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Turning researchers into purchasers

"Visitors are using your site to walk the buyer’s path, exploring, and evaluating as shoppers before the finally become buyers. Not only that, but they are also doing this on two, three, four sites, some of them for weeks at a time. Consumers are looking for confidence, not only in the cost and convenience, but in the brand. So, the question is, what are you going to do about the researchers on your site? Well, that is what we are here to go through."
Jack Wearne, CEO Ve Global

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