Ecommerce for today’s buyer:

Selling products consumers find hard to buy online

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New research reveals what consumers find hard to buy online

Consumers are purchasing more products online than ever before. As the world begins to open physical stores again, the industry continues to reimagine itself in a post-pandemic world. Even with all the growth of ecommerce, consumers say there are some goods they find challenging to buy online, despite the convenience of shopping online.

Clothing, cars, beauty products and white goods are the top goods consumers find difficult to buy online. This guide will show you that you can sell these “challenging” products online with a little help from your ecommerce friends: UX and onsite technology. Find out:

  • Insights from the new research.
  • How to create an effortless online browsing experience online.
  • How to give customers the shopping advice they need online.
  • How to beat choice overload.
  • How Ve can help you.

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Ecommerce for today's buyer: Selling products consumers find hard to buy online

The bottom line is that they miss in-store experiences like shopping assistants and find it hard to navigate online shopping sites. Find out how you can make it easier for them.

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